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Delegations of Authority FAQ's

Q: What are delegations of authority?

A delegation of authority (DA) conveys significant responsibility and prescribed control from one campus official to one or more other campus officials. The authority is issued to a position and not to the individual. The statement of authority, issued in a letter or memo format, usually sets forth a course of action to be taken by the delegatee(s) and states whether or not this authority may be further redelegated. For more information, see Delegation Process.

Q: Who is a Delegator?

The Delegator is the campus official who usually initiates the issuance of any new delegation or redelegation of authority. The Delegator and their staff are responsible for providing the Director with the substantive content of the DA and identifying the Delegatees. The Delegator signs the final document prior to the Director issuing and publishing the UCLA DA.

Q: Who is a Delegatee?

The Delegatee is responsible for carrying out the authority as delegated to them by the Delegator. This authority is issued to the position and therefore is reassigned automatically to whoever is the current holder of the position. Examples of such authority include conducting University business with external vendors, adapting UC policies and state or federal regulations to local campus circumstances, administering capital improvement projects, and government contracts and grants. The Delegatees may further redelegate all or part of their authority provided the delegation to them does not prohibit further redelegation.

Q: What is the purpose of the Delegations online?

The Delegations online is intended to facilitate access to and distribution of Active campus DAs and to keep the campus community informed of changes in authority which may impact the administration and operation of campus units. Superseded or Retired DA's are not published on this site.

Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the UCLA delegations of authority?

Campus delegations are coordinated by the Administrative Policies & Compliance Office which prepares DAs on behalf of the delegator and delegatees and issues copies as appropriate to campus and maintains the original signed document. The Director - Administrative Policies & Strategic Initiatives (Director) has the main responsibility and is the primary contact for both administrative policy and delegation matters.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions about a particular delegation?

Questions about a particular delegation should be referred to the Director, who has the authority to provide analysis, clarification & interpretation of delegations of authority.

Q: What is the process for issuing a new delegation in the proper format?

Campus officials who wish to issue a new delegation of authority or redelegate an existing authority should contact the Director. Redelegations usually originate from DAs or policies issued by the President of the University to the Chancellor. New delegations may be the result of a perceived need by a campus official to assign authority and control in a specific area and/or for a specific period of time. For more info, see Delegation Process.