Delegation Process

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Delegation Process

Principles of Delegations of Authority

A UCLA delegation of authority (UCLA DA) conveys in writing, significant authority and responsibility from one campus official to one or more campus officials. Delegations are made to individuals in the capacity of their current positions. The delegation remains with the position and not the individual when, for example, the individual assumes a new and different position. DAs are intended to provide clear, unambiguous statements of action that may be taken by the delegatee(s) or assign administrative responsibility within specified parameters. Delegations should always state whether or not the subject authority may be further redelegated. Delegations remain in effect until such time as they are superseded or retired.
  • UCLA DAs are not reissued when there is an individual position incumbent change, unless the duties of the position has changed. Likewise, UCLA DAs are not issued for routine office management and/or administrative responsibilities.
  • UCLA DAs “flow down” through the chain of command. The Chancellor delegates to a direct report, who then (if allowed) may redelegate that authority to a direct report and so on.
  • Redelegated authority must be granted and exercised consistent with the terms and conditions of the original delegation and with applicable laws, regulations, and University and campus policies.

Issuing UCLA DAs

To issue or reissue a UCLA DA contact the Director, Administrative Policies and Strategic Initiatives (Director), who is responsible for preparing all UCLA DAs.

The Delegator, a campus official who usually initiates the issuance of any new delegation or redelegation of authority will provide the Director with the substantive content of the UCLA DA, including scope of authority, delegatee(s), restrictions, and if the delegation can be redelegated. The Director will ensure the content of the proposed UCLA DA is consistent with related UC Presidential DAs and/or University & campus policies and will prepare the UCLA DA based on the information provided by the Delegator.

The Director will obtain the appropriate signature for the UCLA DA, retain the original signed copy, and publish the UCLA DA online.

Issuing Temporary UCLA DAs

When a Delegator will be absent for a short period of time, it is appropriate for them to temporarily assign all or certain delegations to an individual(s) within their area of responsibility. This is communicated via an email or memo stating who is being delegated which authorities, any limitations, and the dates for which the delegation(s) is effective. This notification should be addressed to the Director with a copy to the next higher office and Delegatee(s).

Retiring UCLA DAs

When the subject matter in a UCLA DA is no longer relevant, contact the Director in order to retire the UCLA DA.