UCLA DA 820.84: Construction Contracts for Low Voltage Wiring Communications Components
April 04, 2014
From: Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology Services Andrew Wissmiller
To: Director, Communication Infrastructure, Information Technology Services Janice Bundy
Senior Director, Administration, Information Technology Services Debra L. Goldwater
  1. UC DA 2564 (Bid Solicitation and Execution of Construction Contracts, Including Limited Authority within the Best Value Selection Program) to Chancellors, et al., dated December 15, 2011;
  2. UC Facilities Manual, Volumes 4 & 5;
  3. UC Facilities Manual, Volume 1, RD4: University Policies, Competitive Bidding (Regents’ Policy 6036, Competitive Bidding, approved January 20, 1978 and Public Contract Code, Chapter 2.1, University of California Competitive Bidding, Article 1, Construction);
  4. UCLA Communications Infrastructure Standards, Revision 4.0, October 1, 2002;
  5. UCLA Policy 350, Telecommunication Systems Services.
Supersedes: New

I hereby delegate to your positions, in conjunction with UCLA Capital Programs, the authority to award, facilitate and manage the low voltage wiring components for voice, data, video and fiber and other related components, for construction contracts up to $500,000 and Construction Work Order Agreements which are not in excess of appropriated funds, within your area of administrative responsibility. In addition, this delegation includes the authority to negotiate and execute change orders to a construction contract which are not in excess of appropriated funds.

This authority is to be executed within the restrictions imposed by applicable State law and subject to the regulations and procedures in the UC Facilities Manual and the administrative requirements of the Capital Programs Contracts Administration unit, and in accordance with UCLA Policy 350 and the UCLA Communications Infrastructure Standards.

This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Chancellor
Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
Administrative Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellor & CFO
Associate Vice Chancellor, Design & Construction
Director, Contracts, Capital Programs
Licensing Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations