UCLA DA 672.05: Settlement of Employment Claims and Separation Agreements With a Value of $100,000 or Less
January 27, 2010
From: Administrative Vice Chancellor Sam J. Morabito
To: Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Human Resources Lubbe Levin
  1. UC DA 2595 (To Approve Settlements of Claims and Separation Agreements With a Value of $100,000 or Less and Voluntary Separation Program Agreements of Less Than $50,000) to Chancellors, dated March 11, 2016;
  2. UC Delegation No. 2008-03 (Authority to Approve Certain Non-Court Litigated Settlements) to Chief Campus Counsels, dated January 22, 2008;
  3. UC DA 2218 (Establishment of Voluntary Separation Program) to Chancellors, dated April 3, 2009.
Supersedes: New

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to you the authority to approve settlements of non-litigated employment claims and separation agreements for matters in your area of responsibility, when the consideration paid or received is $100,000 or less. Litigated settlements must be reviewed and approved by Office of the General Counsel, except as specified in UC Delegation No. 2008-03, referenced above. The authority to settle employment claims and approve separation agreements is to be exercised subject to and in accordance with Reference (a), above. Litigated settlements or separation agreements that involve significant questions of University policy may require approval of The Regents. As used in this delegation, a “claim” is a disputed demand for payment from an entity or individual (including employees) made other than through litigation. “Litigation” is defined as legal proceedings in the form of a lawsuit, arbitration proceeding, or internal or external administrative proceeding. A “separation agreement” is an agreement with an employee by which the employee separates from University employment, but which does not involve a claim or litigation. Currently, there is no Voluntary Separation Program in effect at UCLA. Commercial negotiations to adjust amounts payable under a contract shall not be treated as claims. Delegated authority to execute settlement of non-employment claims is articulated in a separate campus delegation, UCLA DA 551.08.

All agreements must be approved as to legal form by University Counsel prior to execution unless the agreement is in a form previously approved by that office and is issued without revision. The release provisions of all settlements of separation agreements (employment claims), regardless of the amount of consideration, must be in a format approved by University Counsel.

You shall provide me with a quarterly report identifying the employment claims settlements and separation agreements approved under this delegated authority. A report of settlements and separation agreements involving consideration of $50,000 or more must be transmitted to the Vice Chancellor, Legal Affairs for subsequent reporting to The Regents.

This authority may not be further redelegated.

Attachment - Policy on Settlement of Litigation, Claims, and Separation Agreements

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