UCLA DA 158.02: Execution of Award Agreements to Provide Grants to Community Based Non-profit Organizations or to Their Fiscal Agents or Sponsors
November 18, 2003
From: Executive Vice Chancellor Daniel M. Neuman
To: Associate Vice Chancellor, Center for Community Partnerships Franklin Gilliam
Assistant Director, Center for Community Partnerships Margaret Leal-Sotelo
  1. UC DA 1058 (Execution of Agreements) to Chancellors, et al., dated December 30, 1991;
  2. Regents' Standing Order 100.4 (dd);
  3. UCLA DA 155.01 (Execution of Agreements) to Executive Vice Chancellor Hume, Administrative Vice Chancellor Blackman, & Provost Levey, dated November 9, 2000;
  4. UCLA Center for Community Partnerships Award Administration Guidelines.
Supersedes: UCLA DA 158.01 to Associate Vice Chancellor Gilliam and Assistant Director Leal-Sotelo, dated February 14, 2003.

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to each of you, within your areas of responsibility, the authority to execute award agreements to provide grants of up to $25,000 to community based non-profit organizations or to their fiscal agents or sponsors on their behalf, under the aegis of the UCLA Center for Community Partnerships (CCP) and in accordance with the terms and requirements as specified in the award agreement.

All award agreements under this delegation must be executed in accordance with the applicable University policies and procedures governing the particular transaction, including, but not limited to, CCP Award Administration Guidelines, applicable federal Office of Management and Budget circulars and relevant guidelines issued by the appropriate functional areas within the Office of the President and the Campus. All agreements must be approved as to legal form by Campus Counsel prior to execution unless the agreement is in a form previously approved by that office and is issued without revision.

The authority delegated to the Assistant Director, UCLA Center for Community Partnerships, shall be executed only on behalf of and in the absence of the Associate Vice Chancellor and provided that all of the terms and conditions described above have been satisfied.

This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Chancellor
Senior Vice President, Business & Finance
Special Assistant, Coordination & Review
General Counsel & Vice President, Legal Affairs
Secretary of The Regents
Campus Counsel
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Corporate Financial Services
Administrative Policies Coordinator