UCLA DA 821.22: Execution of Construction Work Order Agreements up to $8,000,000
June 01, 2011
From: Administrative Vice Chancellor Jack Powazek
To: Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management Gail Cowling
  1. UC DA 2173 (Construction Contracts) to Chancellors, et al., dated November 13, 2006 [superseded by UC DA 2564 on 12/15/2011];
  2. Regents’ Standing Order 100.4(z) and (dd);
  3. Public Contract Code, Part 2, Chapter 2.1, University of California Competitive Bidding (commencing with Section 10500);
  4. University of California Facilities Manual, Volume 3.
Supersedes: New

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to you the authority to execute Construction Work Order Agreements (CWOAs) for approved projects within your area of responsibility, with a cumulative total cost over the life of each CWOA not to exceed $8,000,000. Exercise of this authority shall be subject to the requirements in the UC Facilities Manual and to the relevant provisions set forth in your Delegation of Authority for Construction Contracts. While your authority to execute CWOAs is not explicitly stated in your Construction Contracts delegation, it is nevertheless covered in the following paragraph. CWOA is a delivery order contract developed by UCLA and approved by Office of the President and Office of General Counsel.
You are hereby authorized to use the following additional contracting modes (pursuant to Standing Order 100.4(dd)), subject to the requirements in the UC Facilities Manual: Job order or delivery order; Time and materials; Energy retrofit and performance contracting and Unit pricing.
This delegation is intended to set a specific dollar limit to CWOAs that you may execute, and to clarify the CWOA authority you have been delegated previously. This delegation does not alter the limit of $3,000,000 in total project costs associated with your authority to execute Construction Contracts.

Any modifications to approved CWOA or Work Order forms shall be coordinated and approved by the Capital Programs Contracts Administration unit.

This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Chancellor
Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
Vice Chancellor, Finance, Budget & Capital Programs
Contracts Administrator, Capital Programs
Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations