UCLA DA 800.71: Appointment of Design Professionals
August 09, 2016
From: Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael J. Beck
To: Assistant Vice Chancellor, Housing & Hospitality Services Peter L. Angelis
  1. UC DA 2596 (Appointment of and Execution of Agreements for Executive Architects, Executive Landscape Architects, and Executive and Consulting Engineers) to Chancellors, dated April 19, 2016;
  2. University of California Facilities Manual.
Supersedes: UCLA DA 800.60 (Appointment of Design Professionals) to Assistant Vice Chancellor Angelis, dated May 10, 2012.

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to your position, in your area of responsibility, the authority to appoint and execute the necessary agreements (including professional services agreements) for executive architects, executive landscape architects, executive and consulting engineers, and other professionals and consultants (design professionals) for projects with approved budgets, or such other projects for which you may be specifically assigned project management responsibilities by Capital Programs, with total individual project cost not exceeding $3,000,000.

For individual project costs that execeed your authority limit and following overall project approval at the appropriate level, you are further authorized to execute the necessary design professional agreements, including professional services agreements and subsequent documents pertaining to design professionals, including but not limited to amendments and authorizations, with individual agreement costs not exceeding $3,000,000.

This authority shall be exercised in accordance with the requirements of Reference (b), above, and is applicable to all projects with approved budgets on property owned by The Regents or on property which will be owned by The Regents upon completion of the project. Total individual project cost shall be defined as all costs of the project including administrative, design, construction, interest accrued during construction, and equipment costs.

All agreements must be approved as to legal form by the General Counsel prior to execution unless the agreement is in a form previously approved by that office and is issued without revision.

This delegation is being reissued to allow the delegatee to sign related design professional agreements and documents over their total project cost limit following the appropriate approvals. This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Chancellor
Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
Vice Chancellor & CFO
Director of Contracts, Capital Programs
Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations