UCLA DA 731.01: Gifts to an Agency Approval and Reporting Requirements
August 04, 2008
From: Chancellor Gene D. Block
To: Vice Chancellor, External Affairs Rhea Turteltaub
  1. UC DA 2206 (Gifts to an Agency Approval and Reporting Requirements) to Chancellors, et al., dated July 2, 2008;
  2. California Code of Regulations, Title 2, ยง18944.2.
Supersedes: New

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to you, in your area of responsibility, the authorities and responsibilities described in the attached materials delegated to me in accordance with UC DA 2206 as the "agency head" for the campus, and applicable provisions of the revised Gifts to an Agency regulation contained in the California Code of Regulations (see References, above). This regulation provides a test for determining when a gift will be considered a gift to the University (the agency) and not to a public official, such as a University employee.

Under the revised regulation, if a gift to UCLA will provide a personal benefit to an employee, such as a gift of travel, you, as the designated "agency head" for UCLA, must select the individual who will use it, report the payment to the Fair Political Practices Commission on California Form 801 (Gift to Agency Report) within 30 days, and see to it that a copy of the report is posted on an appropriate UCLA Website. You may decide the Website where such reports will be posted. In addition, you must designate a "filing officer" to file a California Form 801 and to publish reports online, as stated in the regulation.

Please send a copy of your written designation of a Gift Reporting Filing Officer to me and to Ross Smith, Conflict of Interest Coordinator, Office of the General Counsel, UC Office of the President.

This authority may not be further redelegated.

Attachment - UC DA 2206

cc: Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
Vice Chancellor, Legal Affairs
Conflict of Interest Coordinator, Office of the General Counsel
Universitywide Policy Coordinator
Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations