UCLA DA 620.04: Classification Authority for Professional/Support Staff Positions and Manager/Senior Professional Positions
February 28, 2005
From: Chancellor Albert Carnesale
To: Vice Chancellor & Dean, Medical Sciences & David Geffen School of Medicine Gerald S. Levey
Vice Chancellor, Business & Administrative Services Sam J. Morabito
  1. UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM), Policy 36 - Classification of Positions (as of July 1, 1996);
  2. UC DA 2075 to Chancellors, et al., dated August 1, 1996.
Supersedes: UCLA DA 620.01 (Classification Authority for Professional/Support Staff Positions and Manager/Senior Professional Positions), to Administrative Vice Chancellor Blackman and Provost Levey, dated 7/8/2002, and DA 620.02 to Associate Administrative Vice Chancellor Morabito, dated 7/8/2002.

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to you, within your respective areas of responsibility, the authority to:

  1. establish methodologies for evaluation and classification of positions;

  2. assign positions to salary ranges;

  3. establish and revise class specifications and classification standards;

  4. approve the allocation of positions to classes with class specifications and also for which class specifications have not yet been determined; and

  5. grant individual classification exceptions to class specifications.

This classification authority applies to Professional/Support Staff positions and Manager/Senior Professional positions. Budgetary support for classification actions shall be provided from authorized budgets under your respective jurisdictions. Copies of local implementing procedures shall be forwarded to the Associate Vice President – Human Resources and Benefits.

Any redelegation of this authority to the Human Resources official or other responsible administrator, in your respective areas of responsibility, shall be in writing with copies to me and to those listed below.

cc: Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
Senior Vice President, Business & Finance
Associate Vice President, Human Resources & Benefits
Special Assistant, Coordination & Review
Secretary of The Regents
Administrative Policies Coordinator