UCLA DA 615.04: Approval Authority for Compensation Actions with Total Cash Compensation below $310,000 for Staff and MSP Appointments
November 20, 2017
From: Chancellor Gene D. Block
To: Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Scott L. Waugh
  1. The Regents’ Standing Order 100.3 (b), 101.1(c), and 101.2 (a);
  2. UC President Yudof’s letter to Members of the Regents Committee on Compensation, dated August 19, 2013;
  3. UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 30, Compensation.
Supersedes: UCLA DA 615.03 (Approval Authority for Compensation Actions with Total Cash Compensation below $295,000 for MSP Administrators) to EVC & Provost Waugh, 10/21/2013.

The approval and reporting thresholds for the Indexed Compensation Level (ICL), the benchmark for certain compensation approval and reporting requirements, has been adjusted to $310,000, consistent with the requirements of Standing Order 101.2 (a). Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to your position, in your area of responsibility, the authority to approve compensation actions for Staff and MSP appointments with total cash compensation below the ICL of $310, 000. The Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Human Resources, will continue to advise and recommend your approval of such actions in accordance with local campus procedures.

The Chancellor’s approval is required for the following compensation actions:

  1. Total cash compensation at or above $310,000;

  2. Actions involving any policy exceptions, including retroactive actions; and

  3. Any compensation actions below $310,000 involving your MSP direct reports.
This delegation is being reissued to update the ICL from $295,000 to $310,000. This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Human Resources
Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations