UCLA DA 501.01: Execution of Agreement between Verizon Credit, Inc. and UCLA Healthcare
April 08, 2002
From: Administrative Vice Chancellor Peter W. Blackman
To: Vice Provost, Hospital System Michael Karpf
  1. Regents' Standing Order 100.4(dd);
  2. The Regents Bylaw 5.1;
  3. UC Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-43, Materiel Management;
  4. UC DA 2100 (Execution of Purchase Contracts, Subcontracts, and Standard Purchase Orders for Materials, Goods and Services to be Supplied to the Univeristy), President Atkinson to Chancellors, Laboratory Directors dated June 11, 1998;
  5. UCLA DA 500.01 Chancellor Carnesale to Vice Chancelor Blackman, dated July 24, 2000.
Supersedes: New

Effective as of the date, above, I hereby delegate to you, as Vice Provost, Hospital Systems, the authority to execute the Master Equipment Lease-Purchase Agreement between Verizon Credit, Inc. and UCLA Healthcare and any associated documents required in connection with the agreement. Exercise of this authority must be in accordance with the requirements of UC Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-43, including provisions relating to obtaining unique or proprietary products or services.

Approval as to form must be obtained from the General Counsel. This one-time authority may not be redelgated.

cc: Chancellor
Provost, Medical Sciences
Senior Vice President, Business & Finance
General Counsel & Vice President, Legal Affairs
Special Assistant, Coordination & Review
Policies Coordinator, Office of the Administrative Vice Chancellor