UCLA DA 252.01: Approval of Waiver of Subrogation Rights, National Aeronautic and Space Administration
August 03, 2001
From: Chancellor Albert Carnesale
To: Executive Vice Chancellor Wyatt R. Hume
Vice Chancellor, Research Roberto Peccei
Associate Vice Chancellor & Director, Research & Office of Intellectual Property Administration Andrew Neighbour
Director, Office of Contract & Grant Administration Ann Pollack
Director, Research Policy & Standards Ann Pollack
Contract & Grant Manager Linda Lee
Industry Contract & Grant Manager Laura Crowley
Assistant Contract & Grant Manager Nancy Daneau
Senior Contract & Grant Officers
Contract & Grant Officers
Industry Contract Officers
Grant Analysts
Senior Departmental Research Associates
Departmental Research Associates
  1. UC DA 2107 (Approval of Waiver of Subrogation Rights, National Aeronautic and Space Administration), dated February 24, 1999;
  2. Regents' Standing Order 100.4 (dd) (9);
  3. Regental Authorization dated July 17, 1998;
  4. UCLA DA 250.05 to Executive Vice Chancellor Hume, et al, dated June 28, 2001.
Supersedes: New

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to you, in your respective positions, the authority to solicit and accept or execute any grants or contracts containing the National Aeronautic and Space Administration Waiver of Subrogation Rights (Clause Number 1852.228-75(d)), in accordance with the July 17, 1998 Regental authorization and the restrictions and dollar amount limitations of your delegated authority as stated in UCLA DA 250.05. It should be noted that Senior Departmental Research Associates and Departmental Research Associates may only approve proposals.

Campuses must attempt to reduce the University's potential risk for subcontractors' liability by negotiating appropriate contractual relationships and asking the subcontractors to (1) indemnify The Regents and the United States government against such liability, and (2) name The Regents and the United States government as additional insureds on their insurance policies.

Authority to accept grant awards and to execute contracts carries with it the responsibility for determining the necessity for legal review prior to the acceptance of execution. This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Senior Vice President, Business & Finance
Special Assistant, Coordination & Review
General Counsel & Vice President, Legal Affairs
Secretary of The Regents
Policies Coordinator, Office of the Administrative Vice Chancellor