UCLA DA 251.16: To Approve Applications for Certificates of Confidentiality and Privacy Certificates
March 20, 2014
From: Chancellor Gene D. Block
To: Director, Office of the Human Research Protection Program Kip Kantelo
Associate Director, Office of the Human Research Protection Program Alison Orkin
  1. UC DA 2569 (To Solicit and Accept or Execute Certain Extramural Grants and Contracts) to Chancellors, dated April 19, 2012;
  2. UCLA Investigator’s Manual for the Protection of Human Subjects;
  3. University of California Contract and Grant Manual;
  4. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Office of Extramural Research, Grants Policy Statement (12/01/2003);
  5. Code of Federal Regulations, 28 CFR §22.23, Privacy certification.
Supersedes: UCLA DA 251.15 (To Approve Applications for Certificates of Confidentiality and Privacy Certificates) to Director Friend, Assistant Directors, Irwin, Okeya and Orkin, dated 5/16/2012.

I hereby delegate to you in your respective positions within the Office of the Human Research Protection Program (OHRPP), the authority to execute and approve applications for Certificates of Confidentiality and to sign National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Privacy Certificates, in accordance with University policy and as sanctioned by the UCLA Human Research Policy Board.

The authority delegated to the Chancellor to solicit and accept or execute certain extramural grants and contracts includes the signing of related documents as necessary, except those as stipulated in UC DA 2569. This same authority has been redelegated to the Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Research, other selected campus officials and selected Office of Contract and Grant Administration and Industry Sponsored Research staff.

In the area of human research, Principal Investigators are required to maintain and protect the privacy and confidentiality of all personally identifiable information of all humans participating in research, except as required by law, or released with the written permission of the participant. The collection of highly sensitive data requires a higher level of protection of confidentiality and, under federal law; investigators may obtain an advance grant of confidentiality, known as a Certificate of Confidentiality. All applicants for NIJ and Department of Justice support are required to submit a Privacy Certificate as a condition of approval of a grant application or contract proposal regardless of whether personally identifiable information will be collected. The signature of an Institutional Official is required on an application for a Certificate of Confidentiality and on a Privacy Certificate. For this particular purpose, the campus has determined that authority to sign these applications and certificates should also be delegated to the Director and the Associate Director of the OHRPP.

This delegation is being reissued due to organization changes and there are no substantive changes to the delegation being superseded. This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
Vice Chancellor for Research
Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Research Administration
Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations