UCLA DA 157.31: Execution of Marketing and Distribution Agreements
December 11, 2013
From: Vice Provost, Institute of American Cultures Belinda Tucker
To: Director, Chicano Studies Research Center Chon A. Noriega
  1. UC DA 1058 (Execution of Agreements) to Chancellors, et al., dated December 30, 1991;
  2. Regents’ Standing Order 100.4 (dd).
Supersedes: UCLA DA 157.30 (Execution of Marketing and Distribution Agreements) to Director Noriega, dated December 8, 2010.

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to your position, in your area of responsibility, the authority to execute marketing and distribution agreements related to the publications of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

All agreements under this delegation must be executed in accordance with the applicable University policies and procedures governing the particular transaction, including, but not limited to, Business and Finance Bulletins and other relevant guidelines. All such agreements shall be on a form previously reviewed and approved by the Campus Counsel.

This delegation is being reissued due to an organization change and there are no substantive changes to the delegation being superseded. This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Chancellor
Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
University Librarian
Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations