UCLA DA 5230.2: Agreements Related to Copyrightable Materials (School of Law)
June 15, 1995
From: Chancellor Charles E. Young
To: Assistant Dean, School of Law Elizabeth A. Cheadle
  1. University Copyright Policy, August 19, 1992 (see Attachment A);
  2. UCLA DA 5230.2 to Dean Susan Westerberg Prager, dated March 1, 1984 (from Chancellor Young).
Supersedes: New

I hereby redelegate to you the authority delegated to Chancellors, Vice Presidents, and Laboratory Directors under the University Copyright Policy to enter into agreements with respect to ownership and other rights related to copyrightable materials, to obtain copyrights, and to grant licenses for the use of materials copyrighted in the name of The Regents of the University of California. This delegation is limited to agreements made in connection with the UCLA Law Review and other similar publications within the UCLA School of Law.

This authority may not be further redelegated.

Attachment A - UC Copyright Policy of 8/19/92

cc: Dean
Executive Officer to Administrative Vice Chancellor