UCLA DA 230.03: Execute Agreements Related to Copyrightable Materials
August 29, 2007
From: Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Scott L. Waugh
To: University Librarian Gary E. Strong
  1. University of California Policy on Copyright Ownership, August 19, 1992.
Supersedes: New

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to you, within your area of responsibility, the authority to enter into agreements with respect to ownership and other rights related to copyrightable material, to obtain copyrights, and to grant licenses for the use of materials copyrighted in the name of The Regents of the University of California. Such agreements include, but are not limited to the acquisition of related gifts and donations, and the creation, content development and collection of copyrightable material.

This authority may not be further redelegated.

cc: Chancellor
UC Vice Provost for Research
General Counsel & Vice President, Legal Affairs
Universitywide Policy Coordinator
Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations