UCLA DA 224.09: Execution of Student and Faculty Bilateral Exchange Agreements
November 22, 2016
From: Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Scott L. Waugh
To: Dean, School of Law Jennifer Mnookin
  1. UCLA Policy 980, University International and Exchange Agreements;
  2. Deans, Directors, Department Chairs and Administrative Officers Memo from Executive Vice Chancellor Rich, dated November 2, 1994;
  3. UCLA Policy 970, Affiliation Agreements;
  4. APM 430, Visiting Scholars and Other Visitors.
Supersedes: New

Effective as of the date above, I hereby delegate to your position, within your respective area of responsibility, the authority to execute and administer student and faculty bilateral exchange agreements between UCLA School of Law and foreign universities, institutions, and other approved entities. The authority to execute such agreements entails the responsibility for reviewing, endorsing, and managing proposals for agreements in accordance with the provisions of UCLA Policy 980.

Any agreement to be executed under this delegation must comply with all applicable University policies and procedures governing the particular agreement, including but not limited to, UCLA Policy 970, APM 430, and relevant guidelines that may be issued by the Office of the President or the campus from time to time. Each particular agreement must be approved as to legal form by Campus Counsel prior to its execution unless the agreement is in a form previously approved by that office and is issued without revision.

This authority may not be further redelegated

cc: Chancellor
Vice Chancellor, Legal Affairs
Vice Provost, International Studies & Global Engagement
Manager, Administrative Policies & Delegations